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Grace Gabriella Beauty was founded in 2022, with a vision of offering a range of treatments personally tried, tested, and loved by Grace herself. Whilst studying at university, where she graduated with an Upper Second-class honour from UAL, she decided to embark into the world of PMU. After extensive training with some of the UK’s leading educators, she also discovered a passion for fine line tattooing. 


With this thirst for knowledge and always looking to increase her skills, Grace will be sure to give you the best possible results, through combining both your personal desires with her expertise and understanding of facial anatomy, colour theory and skin, you will receive a truly bespoke treatment, tailored specifically to you. Enjoy a relaxing 1-1 treatment, or if you are coming for a matching tattoo with your best friend or loved one, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable experience.    


Grace regularly engages in training courses and various classes to ensure her knowledge is as up to date as it can be, offering every client the most professional and safe appointment whilst creating newfound confidence and empowerment for all. 

See what others have to say...

“Couldn’t recommend Grace enough, I’ve now had my lip blush and two fine line tattoos done by the amazing Grace. One of my tattoos means a lot to me and I knew she would be perfect for it. Grace always gives 110% to every treatment, very professional and the studio is unbelievable! Thank you again!”

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